Velvette Fogg (at the Simla Beat Contest in 1971 at the Shanmukananda Hall)

From left: Prakash Bijlani, Prakash Kenny, Nandu Bhende, Wilfred Libera and Shyam Lulla


Velvette Fogg (at the Elphinstone Social)

From Left: Prakash Bijlani, Shyam Lulla, Nandu Bhende and Wilfred Libera


Velvette Fogg

Nandu, Prakash and Dick D'cruz during the Pre-Velvette Fogg days.

from left: Babloo, Nandu and Prakash


Brief Encounter


(From left: Jamil Sheikh, Madan Nair, Michael D'souza, Nandu Bhende and Reynold D'silva).


Brief Encounter (at the Blow-up, Taj)

From left: Darryl Mendonca, Nandu, Remo, Steve Sequera and Michael D'souza

Nandu Bhende steals show at rock concert

The Times of India, Sunday August 7, 1977

The night of the "Electric Haze " rock concert organised by Jazz-India at the Birla Matushri Sabhagar in Bombay on Friday belonged indubitably to singer Nandu Bhende and his "Savage Encounter" beat group. Right from the opening "Pinball Wizard" number to the farewell "Pardon me, Sir" song, Nandu proved he is Wizard of a singer with his fantastic throw of voice, articulation, sense of soul and pathos and showmanship. Nandu strode the stage like a colossus and it was little wonder that the audience ecstatically cheered him after every number and kept shouting for his favorite slow soul number, " Night in white Satin", until he obliged in the 14th number. To this critic, his slow and sentimental soul number, " Talk to the Wind", with Remo on flute, was the most outstanding. It elevated one to new heights of aesthetic joy and exhilaration. Here indubitably is a singer who can vie with the best abroad. Backing Nandu to perfection were Barry Murray (lead guitar and second singer), bass guitarist Darryl Mendonca, organist Michael D'souza and drummer Steve Sequerira. Remo Fernandes came in on flute in "Talk to the wind", "That's the Funky Music" and "Nights in White Satin". The "Encounter" was throughout sensuous, full-bodied and excellent....

Savage Encounter

(Top: Bashir Sheikh, Ralph Pais and Michael D'souza. Sitting from left: Barry Murray and Nandu Bhende)


Savage Encounter (at the Rendezvouz, Taj)


Nandu Bhende with Bashir Sheikh on drums


Savage Encounter (the Synchrony show at Birla Auditoriam, Mumbai)

From left: Barry Murray, Bashir Sheikh and Nandu Bhende


Savage Encounter in 1986


Atomic Forest (in 1977)

from left: Keith Veigas, Jimmy Fernandes and Nandu Bhende


Ebony (in 1978)

from left: Nandu Bhende, Loy Mendonca and Gussy Rikh


Sound check with Roger Drego before a show











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